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With this 19 micrometer thin XFOIL you can perfectly protect your tent or sleeping pad from sharp stones, moisture, etc. Small MYOG projects such as a tarp poncho can also be easily implemented with it.

The medium-sized version, XFOIL 1.6 mx 2.4 m, is the optimal choice for projects that require a little more space. This foil is ideal as a base for a poncho tarp or other medium-sized DIY projects. Whether you need a tailor-made rain cover for your outdoor gear or want to design a custom tarp tent, the XFOIL 1.6 mx 2.4 m allows you to turn your ideas into reality. With its robust construction and high versatility, it will be an indispensable companion for your adventures.

The weight is 73 g at 1600 x 2400 mm

XFOIL - THE Outdoor Foil - 1.6x2.4 m, Groundsheet, Footprint & much more

1 Square meter
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